Our team is the heart of what we do, and their safety and well-being are paramount. Each of our employees is trained in current worksite safety procedures as well as how to work safely with certified, properly maintained equipment. We know that by keeping our team safe we are able to keep our customer's operations moving forward.


Affirm is continually working to cultivate a business culture that emphasizes and prioritizes environmentally sound decision making. Affirm strives to leverage the advancements in technology to provide environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions to operators. Affirm continues to do its part to lead in responsible environmental practices.


Across North America, we call our worksite communities home. Our respect for these communities and appreciation for their hospitality runs deep. Therefore, it is our pledge to be a great neighbor. This starts with adhering to strict environmental standards in all that we do. It also means demonstrating great caution and workplace safety to protect our employees and support the communities in which we work by giving back.